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Data Backup & Recovery

Ever stop to think what the real economic impact of losing the work saved on computers would be to your business? For most of us, that seems hard if not impossible to calculate.


Even if we were lucky and could simply recreate the information, the costs can be staggering. Let’s take for example, that we had to recreate a report or study authored by an employee that earns $30,000 per year and it takes them 20 hours to complete it. The labor cost alone is $300.00 and does not account for the lost opportunity of billable work they might have otherwise been doing. Individually this might not seem too painful, but how many documents like this would have to be recreated? And let’s not forget that those are bottom line dollars. The real question is how much in new sales would you have to bring in just to offset this unwelcomed expense? How much additional time and labor will that take?

At the end of the day, the lost productivity and rework associated with a major loss of data would cripple most businesses today. Because of that, having a data backup solution and recovery plan is a must. Simply put, data backup is the best type of business insurance that you can have.


Real Tech Solutions is well versed in the variety and implementation of data backup solutions available today. With our experience, expertise and consultative approach; you are guaranteed to get exactly what you need in this critical area.

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