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Computer & Network Security


There are literally tens of thousands of hackers, viruses and other forms of malware roving the internet with the intent to damage your systems, corrupt your data or simply to steal it outright. Because of this unfortunate reality, security is a pervasive on-going concern for all of us and it begs one simple question:


What have you done to secure your computers, network and other digital assests?


If you can’t describe it, chances are that there isn’t enough in place and you’re inadvertently courting disaster.


Working with Real Tech Solutions, we will help you to establish provisions and policies that will prevent and monitor the unauthorized access, misuse or modification of your computers, network and network accessible resources. All with one goal in mind: Keeping both you and your systems safe from those that would do you harm.


Critical elements of computer and network security include:


  • Use of a strong Firewall

  • Use of a strong Anti-Virus Solution

  • Established Authentication Policy

  • Virtual Private Networks for Wireless Security

  • Physical Security Policy (if needed)

  • Use of a Network Monitor (if needed)

  • Education and training for employees

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