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Wireless networks offer several productivity and cost-savings benefits over traditional wired networks. The installation of a wireless network is quick and cost effective since there is no need to run wires through the ceiling or walls. And while the initial expense of a wireless networks is higher, over the life of the network the costs are much lower. Add in the ability to work from any location in your office and the ease of increasing the reach of the network, wireless networks are an appealing option for many businesses.


Real Tech Solutions has a great deal of experience in designing and installing wireless networks. From deciding on the number of routers, to enabling the privacy and security settings, we’re a complete turn-key solution for all of your wireless needs.




Computer Network – A collection of computers and devices interconnected by communication channels that facilitate communications among users and allows users to share resources.


Ok, so the guys who came up with this definition might not have been in the marketing department. If they had been, the definition might have gone something like:

Computer Network – Not even the Ginsu knife compares with the awesomeness of this technological marvel!


Well, ok, maybe not that either, but they would talk about what 'facilitat[ed] communications' means to you and your business. How it directly relates to increases in productivity, increased accessibility of information and the time saving benefits. How ‘shared resources’ relates directly to cost savings for your company because you need less equipment. From a business standpoint, computer networks really are a technological marvel. There’s nothing like having you cake and getting to eat it to.


At Real Tech Solutions whether you are starting from the ground up or have an existing network that needs a little TLC, our approach is the same. First, we take time to learn what your current and future needs are. We then evaluate what you are currently using and create a cost-effective solution that takes you where you need to be.

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