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Server Installation and Mainteniance

Often the backbone of networks, servers provide access to shared information and essential services across a network. This increase in data availability and centralized file sharing directly translates into increased efficiency and productivity for businesses. The security of a business’s digital assets are enhanced by centralized management of anti-virus and spyware programs, ensuring that all workstations are using the same version of these essential programs. This protection is further extended through backing up data from a centralized point, ensuring that all data is recovered in the event of a catastrophic failure.


Think that a server could benefit your business, but not sure what best fits your needs? Real Tech Solutions offers Technology Consultations to help you design the best solutions for your business, keeping both your technological and economic needs in mind.


Want to move forward with a new server or have an existing server that is no longer meeting your needs? Real Tech Solutions is well versed in the installation of new servers as well as upgrading and supporting existing servers.

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