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“My company is TLC Home Improvement Services. I use my computer for estimates, drawing blueprints and all of my documentation related to by business. My computers were not working properly and one of them had a severe cold (Virus actually). Brad came to my office and explained the possibilities and the subsequent costs involved with repairing my computers. After taking them (one at a time) for a brief period of time, he repaired and/or removed all of my frustrating viruses and computer problems. He recommended a great anti-virus software that has worked well. I have not experienced any further problems since Brad and Real Tech Solutions took on my computer issues, so I wouldn’t have to.

I would recommend Brad to my friends, family and anyone who needs a kind, understanding and knowledgeable professional to work out their computer problems!”

TLC Home Improvement Services


“I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for the amazing job Real Tech Solutinos did on our computer. They went above and beyond what I had expected and made my computer much more useful and efficient than I ever thought it could be. They not only fixed my audio problem but went on to make sure everything else on the computer was running smoothly. I was most impressed with the time he took to answer my questions and help me to understand more about my computer. I will always count on the services of Real Tech Solutions to help me with all my computer needs.”

Raeford Athletics


"We have been using Real Tech Solutions for many years now and they are responsive, know computers, and will have you up and running in record time. They go that extra mile with his customers and their prices are very reasonable, so I know they will be around for a long time. We think everyone needs a good doctor and a good computer guy - we are grateful to have them!"

Nibbles Grill and Nibbles Gourmet Treats


"I would like to share my appreciation for the work ethic Real Tech Solutions has always displays when working on any of my PC and Internet concerns. They are courteous, honest, prompt and efficient. They return my calls in a very timely manner. They always explains what they are doing so I can understand without all the PC jargon most technicians like to throw at you. I would not hesitate in any way to recommend Real Tech Solutions to all my friends and acquaintances."

F&W Travel


"We called on the services of Real Tech Solutions at a time when our computer needs exceeded our abilities.  Their knowledge and expertise was evident from the beginning.  They provided us with recommendations, and followed through with delivery and set up of the proper computer equipment needed for our business.  We will continue to call upon Real Tech Solutions and highly recommend their prompt and professional services to associates and friends."

J.C. Hinkle Roofing


"If you want personal one on one attention at an affordable price call Real Tech Solutions.  I've called Brad for computer setup, connection internet throughout the entire home, purchasing new laptops and software and for many more requests and he's come through every time.  I will be referring him to all my friends, family and customers."

Fraser Roofing


"As the owner of an independent travel agency, our computers are the life blood of our business. When they aren't working, our business is dead in the water. Real Tech Solutions has been our service provider for a number of years -- Brad and his staff are not only responsive, they REALLY know their stuff and fix it right the first time. When we have an issue, they are on it and always get us up and running quickly with minimal time lost. I recommend them without any reservation. They are the best."

Dancing Moon Travel


"Real Tech Solutions has been our IT support company for a couple of years now and we love them! They are super fast when responding to our calls and always manage to get whatever the issue is worked out quickly. We had a nightmare issue with our previous servers and Real Tech Solutions was able to do in a fraction of time what the previous company could not help us with. They are extremely knowledgeable and dependable for IT needs!"

A+ Tax and Accounting


"We just needed a laptop cleanup and overhaul. As always they were quick. But what always impresses me is their ability to explain the issues and solutions in terms I can understand."

Amazing Results


"My laptop was operating slower than normal with problems deeper than I could understand and more hidden than my virus scan could detect. Brad remotely cleanup and set up my computer for success while I went to the gym one Monday was ready to go before I got to the office! Brad then explained how I can run a regular scan with the program he installed to avoid future issues. Such great service! And RESULTS!! Thanks RTS :)"

Alexandra Liz Carpanzano


"Real Tech Solutions is great at listening to what you need and getting you into the right solution. The prices are great and the customer service is even better. I would highly recommend them to anyone personal or business."

Joe DeCreative Conscepts Landscaping


"They are the best!  They took my office manager's laptop that was dead and got all the info off of her hard drive. I was happy to offer this to her for all of her hard work. Thanks for making her day!"

Slyman Real Estate


"I heard Brad speak at a presentation for the Towne Lake Business Association. The presentation was very easy for non-computer experts to understand. He never drifted into "Techie Talk," but made sure we understood what he said. He explained things we need to do to our computers and networks to make them safer and more efficient. He took a remote look at my desktop and laptop and added several programs for me to remove clutter and improve performance. He also upgraded my security plans and helped me establish safe and secure backup systems. He did such a good job with this I may not need him again any time soon. He was also excellent about following up after our visit."

Holdheidi Academy


"As a small business owner I am extremely dependent on the use of technology. I sleep well at night knowing that I have Real Tech Solutions in my corner. I know that Real Tech Solutions is the right choice whether I am replacing the power cord for a laptop, obtaining software, or setting up a secure wireless network. Brad and his team at Real Tech Solutions are always on time and under budget. Brad has a gift for translating “tech-speak” into language that a technologically challenged person will understand. He has taken the time to educate me about the proper ways to maintain my system, and has even fixed issues remotely for me. I tell my friends and family, “If you have the need for a true IT professional, then you should call Brad Klaus with Real Tech Solutions.”


"My laptop was running slow & having isssues. I had Brad & his techs look over the computer. They cleaned it up & got rid of the bugs. Brad kept me up to date & provided me with superior customer service! Thanks to Brad & his staff my laptop is now up & running better then ever before! If you are in need or any computer or IT help, I recommend without hesitation Real Tech Solutions for all your needs!"

Small Business Owner


"My laptop was running slow & having isssues. I had Brad & his techs look over the computer. They cleaned it up & got rid of the bugs. Brad kept me up to date & provided me with superior customer service! Thanks to Brad & his staff my laptop is now up & running better then ever before! If you are in need or any computer or IT help, I recommend without hesitation Real Tech Solutions for all your needs!"


"Real Tech Solutions has provided complete technical services for the Border Patrol Foundation and its Board of Directors for over two years and provided prompt and personal attention to the needs of founding the organization. These services have included technical development, individual computer services, and other technical accountability for fundraising and program development. With operations across the United States, the service is prompt with personal attention to customer satisfaction and follow up after each visit. The convenience of on site or online assistance is superb."


Brad Rocks! Our company computer was "dead" or so we thought. Only knowing enough about computers to get in trouble, we called Brad to see if he could save the antique laptop we have. He cleaned it up, made it easier to use and explained everything so we understood what was going on...also backed it up so if it does decided to crash we won't loose everything. We have a lot of "user errors" around here and Brad is always just a remote session away to walk us it. Quick, dependable, knowledgeable, and affordable.


My business laptop crashed and I was in a panic. I called Brad and he picked up my laptop within an hour. He was not only able to save all the data, but he reloaded an upgraded version of my operating system, a software that automatically backs up off site, and a better virus protection software than I had before. He even delivered back to my home office. Worth every penny!

A Google User


My son's three year old HP laptop was running extremely hot for the past several months. I called Brad and he came to our house, asked several questions about the problem and when it occurred and then took it into his shop for a thorough cleaning and diagnostics. He called the next day with some bad news...this particular model of HP has a history of thermal issues. I checked some online blog sites and discovered that it was a defect in design...according to the techno gurus that post on these blogs. Brad's tech did a thorough cleaning and Brad brought it back to our house (have you ever heard of free pick up and delivery service nowadays??) Brad told us it may run a little bit cooler after the cleaning, but they had done all they could for this particular model. He also recommended a cooling mat to possibly help with the problem. He then called or e-mailed a couple of times afterward to check in to see how the laptop was doing. He also told me he felt bad that he had to deliver such bad news and that they were not able to help more, so he said that he would give me a one hour bench time credit for future work.

I am absolutely blown away by Brad's attention to detail, follow up procedures and ethical business operation. I am also very pleased to find a company that values its' customers and goes the extra mile to develop goodwill. I wish we had called Brad before buying this particular laptop, as I am sure he would have given us a much better alternative. This is the only company I will EVER use in the future for computer or network needs.

A Google User


I had a computor crash and called Brad to see if he could fix it. He picked it up from my office and brought it back 2 days later. He also picked up my other laptop that I use to repair cars. When I got them back everything was working and I was very happy to have them back up and running. The priceing was very affordable also. I am always worried that someone would try to scam me on repairs due to the lack of knowledgd on my part about computors. Brad was great and the follow up was a surprise.

A Google User

3 years ago


I have been using Brad for more than a year now. He has repaired, debugged, updated, and set up, 2 desktop and 2 laptop computers in our home. Brad set us up with an anti-virus, on-line back-up and a wireless system that had problems at first, but Brad updated our router (at no charge) and now everything is working great. Brad has always answered my calls, emails and texts promptly and he takes the time to answer all our questions and followed-up to make sure that we were satisfied. I highly recommend Brad to keep your home and office systems running smooth.

A Google User

3 years ago


Please call Real Tech Solutions B-4 you take a baseball bat to your computer and give it the "Office Space" treatment. Brad can perform a remote diagnosis on your computer to determine the severity of the issue, and then if it needs more serious attention, he will come and pick it up. Excellent customer service bonus offering for those of us who just don't have the time for that. John

A Google User

3 years ago


Brad and Real Tech Solutions may be in Georgia but Brad's expertise travels well to Canada!

My first exposure to Brad's abilities was two years ago when I replaced my just deceased computer with a new, bigger, better one which I purchased from a well known technology company which operates online and in stores in both Canada and U.S.A. Without unpacking it, I delivered it to my local, reliable repair shop and asked them to transfer the information on my old hard drive to the new one. Everything went fine, but my three e-mail accounts did not work. My cable company-internet provider was no help. One of those e-mail accounts was from a company in Georgia for which I work. That company uses Brad to keep their business and personal computers operating. Brad did a remote inspection of my computer here in Canada and voila, problem solved. This February, because of frustation in dealing with it, I decided to replace the company that had been backing up my computer files for the past five years. I found a replacement provider and bought a subscription. I now needed to restore the stored files to my computer. The problems were enormous. Hours to locate a small section of files, corrupted files and repeated system failures. Their techs were no more successful than I was. I decided to have Brad do a remote inspection of my computer to make sure that nothing in my computer was causing the problem. Smart move! In an hour and fifteen minutes, he inspected my computer, tidied up some things, tried restoring some files, helped me to assess my situation and provided the solution. I was able to abandon the files and Brad then recommended a new company to provide virus protection, bookmarked it for me, and located the removal tool, again bookmarking it, I would need to remove all threads of the previous backup company from my computer. Brad is a consummate professional, master of detail, very skilled and knowledgeable, quick to understand your problem and discuss solutions at your level of understanding. AND THEN HE FOLLOWS UP. He has offered to take a `quick look` at my computer at no cost to make sure everything is fine after I deleted so much. Real Tech offers a great service at affordable cost and can provide home service for those who live in his area and, for those who, like me, do not, we can have the benefit of his expertise by remote.

Venture Spot Canada


Real Tech Solutions was there when I quickly needed a new lap top and was able so save everything needed from the old one. If you want a personal touch and great customer service Real Tech Solutions is who you need to have work for you. I will be recommending as much work to them as I can.

A Google User


I have called Brad twice and he did a great job both times. He communicates the problem in language I can understand and gets the problem fixed fast economically. I highly recommend RTS.

A Google User


We have been using Brad for a year or a little more. It's amazing what he can do to get your computers running faster. I recently had a virus totally kill my computer and Brad got it up and running like new ! I would recommend Brad for your home and/or office systems.

Georgia Neuropsychology 


Brad is one of the rare technical people that can translate tech-speak into human-speak. He is always friendly, always quick to respond and provides excellent service. He fixed a dns/router problem that I had for years! Awesome!

A Google User


Brad has been working for our law office in Marietta for years, with great results. My hard drive crashed recently on a day when I had a deadline. Brad picked up the machine that same day, replaced the hard drive, restored all of my data, and cleaned up my computer in a jiffy. Had it back and running great the next morning with all of my data and programs installed. Brad is very knowledgeable and professional, and I would recommend Tech Solutions to anyone who has a computer problem. He also followed up to make sure all was well. Excellent A+

Mel Lawyer


Brad and his team are amazing! We had a server crash on a Friday afternoon and upon calling him, they came out, worked over the weekend, and we were back in business first thing Monday morning. Thanks to their diligent work, we had little downtime and didn't lose any business. I would encourage any businesses in the area that needs on demand IT support to call Real Tech Solutions!


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